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* Type P51 Stainless Steel Gas Regulators & Filters (NACE Compliant)

The Type P51SS stainless steel regulator is designed for service with a wide variety of corrosive gases and environments.Special construction features include 316 SS housing and filter assemblies, with fluorocarbon elastomers used for the control diaphragm and the supply valve.This ruggedly built regulator operates in pressure ranges up to 150 PSIG (10.3 BAR). The P51SSFR and P51SSAR Regulators and the P51SSF and P51SSAF filter assemblies have built-in dripwells which trap water, oil and other contaminant’s. The contaminant’s are easily flushed out of the dripwell via a convenient manual or automatic drain valve. The 40-48 Micron Filter is constructed of sintered 316 stainless steel, and is easily removed.The P51SS products can be through-panel mounted with the mounting nut supplied (regulators only), bracket-mounted using the optional bracket (regulators only), or pipe mounted by its ports (regulators and filters).The regulators and filter assemblies comply with NACE Standard MR0175 (Metals for Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance in Sour Oilfield Environments.


* Features

Filter only assemblies available

Panel, bracket or pipe mounting

Soft relief seat for low gas consumption

Tapped vent for exhaust gas capture

Built-in filter assemblies and dripwells

Manual or automatic drain options

Excellent stability and repeatability

Low droop

Ideal for sour gas and corrosive applications or environments


* Type 50 & Type 50 NACE Precision Filter Air Set Regulators


The Marsh Bellofram Type 50 & Type 50 NACE are reliable, precision filter air set pressure regulators, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use in both standard (Type 50) and corrosive environments (Type 50 NACE). The Type 50 NACE complies with NACE material requirement #MR-01-75 for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials for oil field equipment.

The rugged design and construction of the Type 50 includes the incorporation of die cast aluminum housings that are finished with epoxy paint for added protection against scratching, weathering and other challenging environments. Careful design and use of quality materials ensure long, trouble-free operation, even in the most difficult of industrial environments. The user-adjustable Type 50 series offers superior pressure regulation vs. flow characteristics, excellent stability, repeatability and built-in filter with dripwell. A rubberized, soft-seat valve stem provides positive shut-off and “forgives” dirt or other foreign matter. An aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs. A gauge port facilitates convenient gauge installation and can be used as an additional full flow outlet. In addition, Type 50 NACE regulators include an easily serviceable and self-cleaning 316 stainless steel mesh filter that can be side, panel, pipe or through-body mounted.

* Features

Superior Regulation Characteristics

Rugged, Corrosion-resistant Construction

Excellent Stability and Repeatability


Integral 40 Micron, Self-cleaning Filter

Low Droop at High Flow

Several Mounting Options

Meets ATEX II 2 G Dc T 6 (Non-electrical Certification)

Units are Both Pressure and Leak Tested Before Factory Shipment

* Applications

Air Chucks

Air Spray Guns

Air Cylinders and Actuators

Industrial Pneumatic Systems and Equipment

Pilot-operated Controllers and Instruments

Oilfield Equipment (NACE approved version)

Corrosive Industrial Environments (NACE approved version)

Chemical Processing Plants (NACE approved version)


* Pressure Gauge

Dial Size (mm) 63, 80 ,100, 150, 250
Scale Range 0 Vacuum to 700 kg/cm2 & above on request
Accuracy in FSD 1%
Thread Connection 3/8?, ½”, BSP & NPT, M-20 and Flanged connection
Mounting of Gauge Bottom, Surface
Case and Bezel SS 304
Pressure Elements Bourdon Tube
Diaphragm YES
Wetted Parts SS316, SS316L, Teflon, Monel, Hastalloy & other on request
Application Chemical and Petrochemical, Plastic and paper, Pharmaceutical, Water treatment.
Optional Electric Contact, Back Mounting & Liquid Filled


* Rolling Diaphragm Cylinders

Friction-free conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force.The advent of the long stroke rolling diaphragm as a means of low-friction dynamic sealing has led to the development of ControlAir’s line of Diaphragm Air Cylinders. These cylinders provide virtually frictionless conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force. The fact that there is no stiction or blow-by of any kind ensures accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity unheard of from conventional sliding seal air cylinders.

* Specifications

Our Cylinders are rated to operate on plant air up to 145 psi (10 Bar) at a temperature range of -40° F to 225° F. Custom diaphragm materials can be used to permit our cylinders to operate at temperatures from -75° F to 400° F. Although ControlAir’s standard line of cylinders are for air service only, modifications are available to accommodate hydraulic or liquid pressurized applications.



* Type -2000


The Marsh Bellofram Type 2000 is a highly robust E/P transducer with typical full-scale accuracy of 0.1%, designed to provide precise electronic pressure control of humid (non-condensing) and oil-laden process gases within harsh industrial environments.

With a unique design that incorporates a patented, hermetically sealed piezoceramic Dimorph and isolated electronics, the Type 2000 pressure transducer regulates an incoming supply pressure down to a precise output that is directly proportional to an electrical control signal, with available pressure ranges to 120 PSIG. In addition, the Type 2000 features a top-mount cover, which provides access to field-configurable inputs and outputs, direct/reverse acting/ranging, which allows the transducer to regulate to maximum output at minimum input; and split/full ranging capabilities. Units also feature IP66 environmental sealing for added durability. The uniquely rugged construction of the Type 2000 facilitates exceptional performance and longevity, making it ideal for use within corrosive environments. This design also eliminates many of the performance issues seen in other industry piezoceramic pressure transducers, such as electronic range of authority, arcing, silver electrode migration, electrode micro cracking, de-poling, and low voltage-to-work density.


±0.1% of full-scale output typical (0.25% guaranteed); includes effects of hysteresis, dead band, and repeatability

Patented, Hermetically Sealed Piezoceramic Dimorph and Isolated Electronics

Available Pressures to 120 PSIG (Zero Based)

High Immunity to EMI/RFI

Insensitivity to Extreme Temperature and Supply Pressure Fluctuations

Insensitivity to Extreme Vibration and Orientation

NEMA 4X, CE, and FM and ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) Approved Versions (S Model)

Explosion-proof and Dust-ignition Proof Versions (EX Model)

* Type -1000

The Marsh Bellofram Type 1000 is an electro-pneumatic transducer that reduces a supply pressure to a regulated output pressure directly proportional to a converted electrical input signal. The Type 1000 accepts a wide range of supply pressures, ranging from a minimum of 3 psig (0.2 BAR) above the maximum output up to 100 psig (6.9 BAR). An integral pneumatic volume booster provides high flow capacity (up to 12 SCFM/339 slpm). Model selections include general purpose, NEMA 4X Type, extended range, high relief, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof. The 4-20 mA input, 3-15 PSIG output model can be recalibrated to provide 3-9 PSIG or 9-15 PSIG output for split ranging applications.


* Applications

Valve Actuators

Damper and Louver Actuators

Valve Positioners



Air Cylinders

Clutches and Brakes

Liquid, Gas and Slurry Processing Instrumentation

HVAC Systems

Paper Handling Controls

Textile Processing Systems

Energy Management Systems

Petrochemical Processing Systems

Split Ranging

* Features

Lightweight and Low Cost

Built-in Volume Booster

Small Size

Field Reversible

Low Air Consumption

Mounts at Any Angle

Convenient External Span & Zero Adjusts (Except for Explosion Proof Models)

Wide Supply Pressure Range

Low Supply Pressure Sensitivity

Type 1500 I/P & E/P Transducers


The Marsh Bellofram Type 1500 electro-pneumatic transducer converts an electrical signal to a proportional pressure output. It provides low-cost precision electro-pneumatic control to actuators, valves, positioners, final control elements and high-flow controls. Occupying a small overall footprint, Type 1500?s compact size and accessibility to ports and adjustments allow the unit to be installed in space-constrained locations or in a manifold for multi-device control. DIN rail and manifold assemblies are available in kits that provide three, five or ten mounting points. An integral pneumatic volume booster is included to provide high flow capacity to provide high flow capacity. (See specifications for flow data).

* Applications

Valve actuators

Valve positioners

HVAC systems

Material handling systems

Paper handling controls

Automation systems

Liquid and gas processing systems

* Features

Electrical Connections: Conduit 1?2? NPT or BSPT, Terminal Block, Hirschmann® Connectors (DIN 43 650-A)

Supply and Output Ports on Front and Back of Unit

Low Air Consumption

External Zero and Span Adjustments

Field Accessible Orifice

Electrical Conduit Connection Meets CE Requirements

Intrinsically Safe Versions (FM, CSA, ATEX Approvals)

NEMA 4X Version (FM, CSA Approvals) Excludes Terminal Block